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Ted's Market & Delicatessen
1530 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Ted's Market & Delicatessen

1530 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Ted's Market & Delicatessen in San Francisco is a mom-and-pop shop that's offered delicious sandwiches, hot foods, salads, fresh deli items and a huge market selection for over 40 years. Ted's was started in 1967 by Ted and Penny Zouzounis, who focused on creating a warm, welcoming store that offered people friendly service and delicious, convenient food. Since then, the company has been passed down in the family, but the commitment to freshness, selection and personable service hasn't changed a bit.

Everyday our staff welcomes both new customers and familiar faces--some of whom are second and even third generation customers. Over the years, we've served everyone from office workers and tourist to rock stars and politicians. So, what keeps people coming back? To start, our hefty sandwiches are made with a variety of fresh breads and delicious combinations of ingredients. We stuff them full of everything from roast beef to avocado, and there's a huge variety to choose from. We make them to order, and you can also find ready-to-go ones in our deli cases. Also check out our daily specials.

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We have a selection of delectable wraps and roll-ups, and our steam table offers a variety of soups and hot food. We have a huge selection of deli items and cold salads in our deli cases, from classics like potato salad to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes like Tabbouleh salad and fresh Dolmas. The selection is nearly endless. In addition, we have a massive variety of bottled drinks, chips, packaged snacks, plus beer, wine, and liquor. We also have a stock of everyday groceries.

When you come to Ted's Market and Deli, you'll find a food lovers paradise. It's an ocean of choice, and no matter what you choose it's bound to be delicious. Dive in and discover what people have been enjoying for generations.

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